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Minutes March 2024

Updated: Jun 17




HELD ON MARCH 19, 2024



            On March 19, 2024, the Board of Commissioners of the Weatherford Housing Authority (WHA) met in Regular Session.  The meeting was called to order with the following Board members present at roll call:


COMMISSIONERS PRESENT:                   Terry Hughes, Luke Williams, April Leppla,

                                                                        Steve Martin, Doug Jefferson, and Mary Lou

                                                                        Curry (arrived 5:41 p.m.)


COMMISSIONER ABSENT:                       Ashleigh Herron


ALSO PRESENT:                                          Austin Haye, Guest

                                                                        Jacob Gustainis, Guest

                                                                        Rosie Muciño, Executive Director

                                                                        Eliza Montgomery, Recording Secretary


            Chairman Terry Hughes led in a moment of silence.


            Chairman Terry Hughes called the meeting into Regular Session at 5:30 p.m. and certified that “The Provisions of Section 551.04 Sub Chapter C, Government Code as Amended by the 73rd Legislature has been complied with in connection with public notice of this meeting and a quorum is present.”


            No persons were present for Open Session.


            Commissioner Williams moved to approve the Regular Minutes of February 20, 2024, as presented.  Commissioner Leppla seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.


            Consideration of the Financial Report ending February 29, 2024, was moved to the next Board meeting.


            The Family Self Sufficiency (FSS), an incentive program, was explained to the guests.  Grants are available.  However, 25 housing participants are to be enrolled in the FSS program in order for the WHA to apply for grant assistance.


            Chairman Hughes inquired as to whether the WHA has established policy guidelines for unrestricted funds usage.  Per the Executive Director and Commissioner Curry, no usage definitions have been put into place.  Chairman Hughes requested guidelines be set forth for the Executive Director.   Contact with the WHA attorney regarding this subject is suggested.  A policy is needed with a Resolution.


            Per the Executive Director, the December audit has been submitted to HUD.


            Discussion ensued of pre-2004 unrestricted funds used to pay off the WHA building on January 10, 2023.  Auditor David Boring is going to run a REAC schedule to find pre-2004 unrestricted funds.   In 2022, the decision was made to pay off the building with pre-2004 unrestricted funds.  The WHA building was built 2007-2008.


            David Boring will change “unrestricted” funds CD to read “restricted”.  David will talk to Ron Urlaub concerning unrestricted funds and CD’s.  Also mentioned was increasing the building rent.


            Consideration of a needed policy change, required by HUD in accordance with HOTMA, to WHA’s Administrative Plan was discussed.   Resolution 2024-03 was introduced to revise and amend the Administrative Plan concerning,  “earned income disallowance, (EID), section 6-I.E. page 6-13,”  as of January 1, 2024,EID no longer exists.  No WHA participant is currently on the EID  program.


            Commissioner Williams moved to approve Resolution 2024-03.  Commissioner Curry seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.


            Discussion of the tabled website Resolution 2024-02 followed.  Since WHA’s website is presently being updated, no resolution has been put forth. Website additions are to include a new mission statement, a resource list, establishment of links to resources page, the capacity to fill out forms online (per Chairman Hughes this is a must), re-center “Affordable Housing is for Everyone” on the home page.  Website to be completed by May 1, 2024, with the website  presentation to the Weatherford City Council slated for May 28, 2024.


            The Daily Activities Report for February, 2024 was given by the Executive Director.

Voucher Report:

524 vouchers allotted by HUD

469 vouchers leased on the first day of February, 2024

    2 pending movers

471 vouchers leased on the last day of February, 2024

    4 port-outs moved to another jurisdiction.  WHA continues to pay Housing Assistance

    9 end-of-participation in February, 2024

462 applications on Wait List, last day of February, 2024

  18 vouchers issued and are currently out looking to rent a unit

  15 applications taken in February, 2024

89% year-to-date leased.  Calendar year, 1 month



2023-2024                   List           Issued         Leased 

October 2023              433               6                  4

November 2023          441             11                  8

December 2023           440               6                  9

January 2024               445             17                  3

Administrative:  It is getting ready for the installation of new desktops as approved in the budget.  Also looking into updating the fire alarm and security system for the coming next budget year.  The Intake Specialist is still out on FMLA.  WHA hired the Weatherford College intern part time with the understanding that when the Intake Specialist comes back her position will terminate.  Continue working with the new accountant regarding the new way of reporting financials and correcting some financial reports.  WHA will be sending staff throughout the year to get updated information and certification for the new implementation of the Housing through Modernization Act (HOTMA) that HUD will soon require for all Housing Authorities.  WHA was informed that the website should be up by May, 2024.


Community:  The Administration Assistant has been assigned to be the Community Liaison for outreach.  WHA continues to do food distribution with the food donated by Albertson’s.


            Landlords are renting at fair market rates.


            2024 administrative budget revisions are to be made.


            The Executive Director received a letter March, 2024 from HUD stating the WHA was a “high performer” for 2023.  This letter is to be put onto the updated website.


Future agenda items:

June 24, 2024 – annual review

City Council presentation

Update procurement policy

Continue HOTMA implementations

Increasing building rent (is a rent survey needed?)

Incentive policy

Review rules for unrestricted funds – what can funds be used for and how should they be used

Establish a “rainy day” fund


            Commissioner Williams moved to adjourn the meeting.  Commissioner Jefferson seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 6:50 p.m.




______________________________                        ______________________________

Terry Hughes, Chairman of the Board                       Eliza Montgomery, Recording Secretary

or Luke Williams, Vice Chairman                              or Rosie Muciño, Executive Director






3.3 Minutes March 19, 2024 signed
Download PDF • 83KB

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